How we do it

We seek to populate our portfolio with extraordinary valuations. Mathematically and systematically.

Step 1

Data, Universe Definition, Alpha Discovery. Quants are data-driven and data-informed investors. All quant investing starts with data. You are mining for gold; first you need to decide where to start mining.

Step 2

Alpha Combination and Portfolio Construction. An alpha is an expression, applied to the cross-section of your universe of stocks, which returns a vector of real numbers where these values are predictive of the relative magnitude of future returns. It today’s markets, rarely is any single alpha significant enough to be the sole basis of an investment strategy. A successful strategy usually includes many individual alphas

Step 3

The output of the portfolio construction stage is an ideal portfolio and a trade list to transition the current portfolio to the ideal portfolio. Trading is the stage of effecting trades in the market.

Thank you to you and everyone who formulated our advice. It’s so comprehensive, it just reaffirms our complete faith in you. Thanks again for everything. It’s always a pleasure
Jeffrey Epstein
Jersey City, NJ
Thank you Alan and James for your warmth, kindness and support. If I could, I would adopt you both. Thank you again and big hugs.
David Lark
Short Hills, NJ

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